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HEY THERE!! No time no see, huh? Well it’s been a while and i wanted to let Pinkie and Berry answer some questions :3

Mod: Wedding, what!!? i’m so lost TT-TT
someone told me Pinkie and Berry were invited to a wedding and i’m all confused and late so i did this…sorry if you guys thought this blog was dead ;~;

Mod: Wedding, what!!? i’m so lost TT-TT

someone told me Pinkie and Berry were invited to a wedding and i’m all confused and late so i did this…sorry if you guys thought this blog was dead ;~;

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Uh, um, [clear throat] H-hello, Tumblr… things. Oh, I’m just no good at this kind of thing. Bubble Berry isn’t feeling quite up to talking at the moment. He needs a small amount of time to… perk up. Until he’s back, know that you’re all foremost in his thoughts. And- and… [whisper] you can ask me things if you want. 



Butterscotch is such a nice guy. He needs to practice talking on mic more. Ask him questions two.

Picture by the totally awesome NolyCS, AKA Ask PP&BB.

She’s made a whole slew of kewl 63’d pony stuff. 

Moar updates being written. 

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wow…scotch sounds so….manly *3*

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Pinkie: WHAT!!?


Mod: yeah, i wanted to record something -w-

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BB: Alrighty, Bubble. Today is the day. Hearts and Hooves day. You know she’s right downstairs in the shop waiting. Don’t blow it. [mini-freak out] I’m so nervous! What if Blues says no?! What would I do? What if she says yes? That’s what I’m counting on but I haven’t really thought past it. What if she says yes then immediately changes her mind? What if she says no then changes her mind? What if what if what if!?!?


Now isn’t the time to worry. It’s the time to do! I told Pinkie to go for it and I’m not gonna let her do this alone! I’m just gonna go down there and ask Blues to be my special somepony and we’ll just live with the answer. [frantic giggles] YAY! I’m gonna get my special somepony! [laughs] I’m so excited!

[walking downstairs]

Blues: Hey Berry! It’s not like you to be late.

BB: Hi, Blues! Sorry about that! I just had to uh, [clears throat]. So I, uh, asked you here because there’s something I need to talk to you about.

Blues: [giggles] Yeah, that about sums up what you said yesterday. So, what’s up? You’ve been giving me some weird looks lately when I’m around.

BB: Yeah, um, it’s just that, well, I’m, uh, and you are, uh. Um.

Blues: Is this about what happened between you and Rainbow Blitz on that hill?

BB: What? No! What?! I mean, you were there?

Blues: Yeah. Well, I didn’t mean to pry in on you two. I just like to go there and practice on my sax because of how secluded the hill is. I kinda saw you comforting him on whatever he was insecure about and you talking about your love life. And that hug! [awws] You two are so cute.

BB: [speechless sounds]

Blues: I’m really sorry I caught such a tender moment, but know that I totally understand I won’t say a word about it unless you two are okay with it. I know how it can be with that particular issue sometimes. My cousin made a huge ordeal about coming out.

BB: [repeats ‘but…’]

Blues: [ignoring BB] You know, I always wondered about you. I always figured Blitz was gay, or at least curious, but I kinda figured it’d be a little too obvious with you. I know how you like to be unpredictable.

BB: [begins to whimper/whine]

Blues: Aww, it’s okay. Like I said, safe secret. Just don’t take too long. I know how you like to throw parties. [giggles] Well, I gotta go. I’m running late for a date. See you later, Bubble Berry! [leaves]

BB: [Walks slowly to a fade out, whimpering on the verge of crying]



Don’t forget that my tumblr story stuff is the inspired from On a Cross and Arrow. 

This excerpt: "Hmmm… Hey Berry, can I ask you a question?" the pink filly spoke up, eyes still riveted to her hoof.

"Sure thing Pinkie!" The male perked his head up. “I think carrots in fruit salad should make a nice touch."

*giggle* Crazy Colt, I already found that out earlier this week. No, I wanna ask. Do you know Blues?”

His eyes lit up. “Oh, the jazz-mare? Of course! Oh, wait, well, I guess she’d be a he in your place.”

"Yeah, he is… so." She looked up at her double, face unusually serious. “Do you think we should?"

Berry thought long and hard, before looking back at Pinkie. Finally, they both nodded at the same time. “Yeah. We should.” he answered.

Now I am the done. Till next time… When My throat isn’t trying to kill me. ;)

Poor poor Berry :c

.... i came to say hi im now im scard.... -hides in box-

Pinkie: nuuu, dun be scared D:


Pinkie: awwww yeah!!!